link between files

  • i have two excel files one which is a master on J:\ drive whilst the one in which we have access to is on the C:\ drive. and is linked to update on opening. some times it dose and some times it dose not.

    how can i force an update and save on the C:\ drive every time the excel file on which we are allowed to work on is opened by means of a macro.


  • Alexander:

    You dont need a macro to update the links between files. Goto Links under Edit Menu and click on Startup Prompt and select the way you want to update your links. If you want to update the book without prompting, select the last open. Then under Tools menu Select Edit table and deselect "Ask to update automatic links" and Save the workbook.

    To save your workbook On Open , put the in your workbooks Open Event.

    Hope this help.


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