Contact info from Outlook, Save Read-only copy

  • First Thanks for this forum- I feel quite lost.
    Is there a way to use VBA to create an excel form wherein users can select a person from a pulldown and have the address, fax, etc. pulled directly from Outlook Contacts?

    Also need to have it automated to create a read-only copy that will be saved on our server for reference upon printing, and resets to a blank form.
    Apologies if this is vague or over-detailed. I'm not sure where to begin on these two points. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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  • see the below thread for guidance…t=22715&highlight=contact

    I would suggest importing the data you require to a data sheet (say called CONTACTS)

    Then create an additional sheet (or userform) with a combobox which has it's listfillrange bound to the data sheet (to populate with names etc...)

    Then use a lookup or index function to return the rest of the data (phone number, address etc...) given the selected name.

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