need help with column

  • I am new to using excel from the office xp suite, and I need to change the value of en entire column of prices, to an increase of 15%. Could anyone offer any assistance ???

  • Hi spect1:

    Key-in 1.15 in an empty cell. Click on that cell -- then EDIT|Copy, then select the range which you want to modify, then do EDIT|PasteSpecial|Multiply

    That should do it.

    Yogi Anand

  • Hello and Welcome to the Board...

    With regards to your query, I find the easiest way to do this is to do the following few steps:
    1. Insert a new column next to the one where the values are
    2. Create a formula in the first cell of the new column =oldcell+(oldcell*15%)
    (oldcell being a reference to the original cell) - See below

    Original Column New Column
    (Eg COlumn A) (Eg Column B)
    15 =A1+(A1*15%)

    Now select cell B1 (the one with the formula in it) and you will notice a small balck box (it's called a handle) on the bottom left crner of the cell. Double-click the handle. (This will copy the formula down the entrie column (if you have data in the column to the left)

    That should do it, but I like to expand on this to 'stamp' the new values.

    To do this select the entrie contents of the new column and copy them, then go to the Edit Menu and Select Paste Specia, and select Values.
    (This will paste the values of the cells over the top of the formulas)

    If you want you can then delete the old column

    Happy Excelling!!!


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