Unable to read file error

  • I'm having some troublesome difficulties continually getting "Unable to read file" errors.

    The spreadsheets concerned all have pivot tables included and when I click Ok (on receiving the error message) all the pivot tables are discarded ..with the following message "[pivot table ref] was discarded due to integrity problems".

    I'm using Excel 2002 and have installed service pack 2 and the hot fix referred to in Knowledge Base article 812384.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Can you help?

    Robert Hind
    Perth - Western Australia

  • I know you must have thought of this, but by any chance are your pivot tables refer to a data from a file that is not open???

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • yjoshi
    The pivot tables are based on data in the same spreadsheet.


    Robert Hind
    Perth - Western Australia

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