Using MIN and MAX functions

  • I am trying to get some help on developing a formula to calculate the state tax for a payroll calculation. The tax is calculated by multiplying the tax rate times the (wage base minus 15% of the wage base, with a min and max amount) minus the amount of one exemption. Not sure how to create the formula to do that calculation.

  • Using min and max function


    Thanks for your reply. It didn't answer my question, but that was my fault. To clarify what I need the tax code is as follows;

    tax rate x (base wage MINUS (base wage x .15, but not to go below a min amount or exceed a max amount) minus an exemption amount. In other words, the min and max are compared with the 15% of base wage amount and cannot go below the minimum or above the maximum. I hope I have done a better job of clarifying what I need. This is based on the Maryland tax code.


  • Derk;
    Hopefully my last reply got to you, but not sure. I am new to the system so bear with me. What I was stating was that the min and max are compared with the amount calculated after applying the 15% to the wage base. The deduction is either the 15% of wage, or the min amount if the 15% is below the min, or the max amount if the 15% is above the max. The result if this calculation is then subtracted from the wage base. In addition, an exemption amount is also subtracted from the wage base giving taxable income. This is based on the Maryland tax code.

  • Derk;

    Thanks so much! I am going to have to do some studying to figure out how to create the formula, but it works!! Know of any good source or reference books dealing with formula creation?

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