Object variable or With variable not Set

  • Please can someone have a look at the attatched Holiday Chart I'm working on.

    I have Office XP and it works fine, however - when I use it at work (not sure what version of Excel they have) I get the following error in the Workbook_Open method:

    Run time error 91; Object variable or With variable not Set.

    It occurs at the following part of my code:


    I don't understand because I've set the variable using the .Find function. ie - Set rngCurrDate = ActiveSheet.Columns(2).Find( etc, etc.

    Please help me :flame:

    Thanks very much

  • Pretty sure, I have every date in the current year in a column, and ask it to find today's date. (It finds it okay on my version of Excel (XP) but not the version at work...) :(

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