Combinations From A List

  • Hi everybody ,
    I have a macro that lists all possible pairing combinations from a list
    Of names. As its name (pairing combinations) implies, each combination is made up of 2 names.
    How can I modify this macro so that it doesn’t restrict me to 2 names per combination , say 3 or 4 per combination.
    Please refer to attached file to see an example & its related code (module1)
    Thanx in advance

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    what result do youwant to become? Like this:

    John Mike Robert Evan
    John Mike Robert Nick


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    Attached is a modified version of your workbook that does what you need. The code uses a recursive call to a loop to create the list and a counter, intDepth to count the number of times the loop has been called.

    I have defined variables as integers, if you have a long list of names and many players in a game then you will need to possibly change some of the types to long. Also there is a line that uses the worksheet function Combin, this may get upset by large numbers to.

    The named area of the list of names is a dynamic named range, as is the results area.

    Edit the blue cell for the number of players, this is also a named cell.



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    Thanks Very Much Guys
    I Got Exactly What I Need By
    Looking At The Modifications You've Done
    Gollum , I Am Really Sorry I Didnt Get Back
    To U Quickly , Its Been 2 Days I Didnt Check
    The Forum.
    Tahnx Again Guys & I Do Really Appreciate Ur Help

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