error check for select case target.address

  • I have used the code below to copy a cell value to the linked cell of a combobox (this code is an excerp of about 60 cases)

    the problem is that the cell value being copied contains a formula such as
    =IF(ISTEXT(Properties!AF8), HYPERLINK("#geninfopage", Properties!AH8), IF(ISTEXT(Properties!AK8), HYPERLINK("#geninfopage", Properties!AL8), ""))
    which can result in the blank cell depending upon whether a search gives a result. If a blank cell is copied to the linked cell of the combo box an error results.

    what I would like to build in is a error check to identify if a cell is empty before executing the code (or not executing)
    if worksheets("frontend").range("C11").value <> ""
    then execute
    else do nothing

    Thankyou for any help

  • Re: error check for select case target.address

    Hi Justin

    Fill in the blanks below

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