"Hello", "WOW!" & Reference Manuals.

  • Firstly "HELLO"! I only discovered this site today and I've spent a little time on here already.

    All I can say is "WOW!!!"

    This is one hell of a site and I bow to the knowledge of the Excel gods that reside here!

    I love Excel and want to learn as much as I possibly can about it. I thought my knowledge of Excel was reasonable but I can already see that most of you guys on here are on a different plane! I hope to learn lots from you.

    My biggest weakness is VBA as I've never had much call to use it.

    At work I use Excel '97 but on this PC at home I have Excel XP.

    Right, that's my introduction finished (I think) now for my first question on here . . .

    I desperately want to purchase an Excel reference manual but am a little confused by the vast choice in the marketplace. Can anyone recommend an Excel "BIBLE" that I NEED to own, please?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Oh, by the way, my e-mail address is [email protected] if anyone fancies talking Excel with me. :)


  • Hey and welcome along
    Books Eh!!

    There a literally thousands out there from the best to utter trash, mist I find a little cheese and trashy. I would suggest a look at Dave Hawleys links [Ozgrid books]


    This will give loads of choice and get you started.

    Kindest possible regards

    Jack in the UK

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Excel Toad
    Toad = Midlands.

    Good to "meet" you, Jack.


    Me in midlands too Toad :cheers:
    Hey, stick around, you'll learn loads just from here .... I given up on books - a good forum is all you need- knew next to no VB this time last year - could hardly even drive the macro recorder - eh :lol:

    work in city centre.... live in shirley/solihull

  • Hi Toad and welcome.

    I can relate to your problem on where to get a good reference manual. Took me about 6 months to define what I needed.

    Essentially it comes down to what your into...accounting, engineering, education etc. Being engineering orientated I found manuals / books that related to engineering and Excel. Excel for Scientists and Engineers is on my wish list. But for starters it would pay to get something that is very broad and general in it's coverage. Most people who do anything with Excel have a copy of John Walkenbachs "Excel 2002 Power Programming With VBA". This is the first book that I bought and it is the only one I have needed so far. As someone pointed out earlier a good discussion board can fill the gaps and also allows you to assist other if you have the time and expertise.

    I would througherly recommend John's book to anyone starting out with VBA. In fact if you look at Daves list of books on this site I think he had a review of it.


  • Hello Toad

    I am in Lincoln,UK.

    Stick to the Forum, you will learn alot by reading posts and replying.

    Read Dave's articles on Ozgrid and download his example workbooks. He also offers VBA Tutorials.

    Use Google and find Excel related sites. Many have example workbooks to download and experiment with.

    Use the Macro Recorder to record simple tasks and try to understand what the code is doing.

    That's how I am learning, no books. Like WillR I knew virtually no VBA and wondered how these guys worked their miracles. Now I think I am beginning to get there.

    Good Luck


  • All the very best advice.

    AJW mentioned JWalkenbachs Power Programming............an awesome publication...but if you are just starting out I would really reccommend Excel Programming for Dummies (by the same author). Ive yet to see a Dummies guide that is not brilliantly set out and easy to follow, added to this JW is kinda like Master Yoda to Excel junkies :beergrin:

    Have fun and dont be afraid to ask. We all bollocksed up the simplest things (and some of us will continue to do so) so we all remember what its like.

    Good Luck

  • Morning all! Just logged on.

    I get more and more impressed with this site and the people on here every time I log on.

    Many many thanks for all the responses so far. All advice is greatly appreciated.

    Please keep the advice on reference manuals coming so that I can consider all the thoughts provided by everyone before hopefully making the right purchase for my needs.

    Just going to try to sort my profile out a bit now.


  • I have three books that I consider indispensible. And yes, the forums are a great aid, to fill in the gaps.

    When you are as old as I am, hard copy works real well, especially if the font is a large(!) size. ;)

    Walkenbach - VBA Power Programming

    Walkenbach - Excel Charts (best available for this topic)

    Special Edition Using Excel (2000) (this was my first and got me started truly using Excel). I bought the book while using Excel 97, expecting to go to Excel 2000. The corporation didn't tell me they would skip Excel 2000, and go directly to XP. But the book is still a valuable reference.

    Software: OpenOffice 3.0/NeoOffice 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Humanware: Older than dirt

    Old, slow, and confused - but at least I'm inconsistent!

    (retired Excel 2003 user, 3.28.2008)

  • Hi Guys,

    JUst to add my favourite books (not for beginners):

    Excel 2002 VBA Programmer´s Reference
    John Green, Stephen Bullen, Rob Bovey och Robert Rosenberg
    ISBN 1-861005-70-9 Wrox Press Inc, 2001

    VBA Developer´s Handbook 2nd edition
    Ken Getz, Mike Gilbert
    ISBN 0782129781 SYBEX, 2001

    Following titles are out of print (available by different internet-bookstores)

    Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's kit
    Baarns Consulting Group Inc
    ISBN 1-57231-498-2, Microsoft Press, 1997

    Microsoft Excel 97 Developer´s Handbook
    Eric Wells, Steve Harschberger
    ISBN 1-57231-359-5, Microsoft Press, 1997

  • For what it worth Chris Bullen VBA does my head in, its very custom

    Top coders from Jack -when on the limit these are all guys i know well

    Dave Hawley
    XL- Dennis
    Aaron Blood
    Nick Hodge
    Joe Was
    Mark Obrien
    Roger [guy i work with VB GURUs Guru!]
    Ivan F Moala

    These type of guy i track and read the posts and try to learn!!!


    Books can not always be my thing!

  • Hey Dennis.... had to laugh & chuckle last night when trying to use some translation freeware to translate your site....

    It managed some of it.... but "MS Excel" became Multiple Sclerosis Excellency for some reason..... :tumble:

    What it did translate looked good tho buddy... :cheers:

  • Hi Will,

    [Edit] I thought first that You meant my utility FF-translator but not :dead:

    Hehe I have never said that swedish is an easy language :beergrin:

    BTW, I will during the coming summer translate the VBA-section to english :cat:

    Nice to see one more former faceless buddy becoming a real pearson :thumbup:

    The day when I will be forced to publish a picture of myself new rules will be set up:beergrin::beergrin::beergrin:

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