formula only works when all workbooks are open??

  • is there a way around this? I have some formulas, all sumif's, that work fine,, but only when all the workbooks in the formula are open. When I open just the workbook w/ the formulas in it, regardless if I choose to update external links or not, I get a #VALUE! error. As soon as I open them, the correct values appear.
    The book w/ the formulas in it will be given to other users as read-only and they don't have access to open the other workbooks... How do I get around this? I also want the formulas to stay because every so often I will have to change the values. Thanks!

  • Re: formula only works when all workbooks are open??

    I think I would copy the whole sheet and paste it back as Values and then save it as a different file to send to the other users. You can then keep and modify the master as needed.

    Just an idea.


  • Re: formula only works when all workbooks are open??

    The only problem is,, I have 62 of them w/ different formula's. that's a lot of copy/pasting all the time.. though a good idea.. but hoping to get another fix? I have some workbooks that have external links and I don't have to have everything open for it to show the values?!!? I'm just not sure why this one doesn't. maybe it's the sumif specifically? I dunno!

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