inserting a row with a combo box

  • I am inserting a new row based on a sum still not adding up to a grand total. When I insert the new row, I'd like to insert a combo box (the same one as the one that is on the row right above it). How do I code this in VBA??

    Appreciate your help...thanks!

  • Upload a small example please....
    it will certainly help to clarify....
    I think this is feasible... but still not very clear about the requirement


    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • Figured out what is the problem...

    If the application is in "Design Mode"
    Generally First button in "Command Bar"
    then the copy paste of rows does the trick.

    But could not find a VBA code to enable or disable this "Design Mode".

    Will investigate further.. but should give a good headstart for someone else who wants to jump into this.

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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