NT User Name to get Outlook information

  • I am trying to use the NT id of the person logged into the computer to sign an email. I am trying to translate the ID into the First Name, Last Name & Telephone Number of the person (all are stored on the company address book). I use the below code to get the NT User ID:

    How do I take the username and look up the contact infor from the outlook address book?

    :thanx: Tony

  • Re: NT User Name to get Outlook information

    a quick aside...

    there are a collection of "environ" variables available in XL - one such variable pulls the active NT


    Dim user as string
    user = environ("username")

    saves a lot of code

    as for pulling the contact info - you would need to loop the global address book entries .... I would think there are examples listed in this section of the forum... if not post back and we can put up some code.

  • Re: NT User Name to get Outlook information

    I was able to find some code to download the entire address book but nothing to find info on just one person. Specifically, I am looking for the first and last name and the telephone number

    :thanx: Tony

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