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  • hi all,

    me very new on this forum, needed A BIG HELP !!!!, there is software on my computer which runs a report and can be saved(exported) in many ways - CSV, RPT, DIF, Excel 2.1 to 8.0 (can be exported in extended as well), HTML, Lotus,text and word.
    I mostly use excel 5.0 (just to let u know am using office 2002 version) to export the report,

    The report is kind of a invoice but ihave no idea what template it uses and from where as i have cant ask the software co to amend it as it will cost me loads of money, hope u all understand just of few amendments there is no use

    However when the report come out on an excel sheet, it looks weird as there are not in the place where i wanted them to be so it cant be printed,

    can this be possible, that particular report performa be amended or else can this is possible that from that excel file (generated by the software) i can configure few cells so that the original amount gooes to another 3 different sheets i made in right performa, i want this to happen automaically everytime i run the report can this be possible,

    Did i heard any genius saying OFFCOURSE yes !!!

    then pls reply soon.



  • Re: database transfer


    If it is a 3rd party app doing the exporting then you are probably in a little trouble.

    A copy of the excel report you have posted to the board would help, it may be possible to run code on the reports to sort them out..


    I am off to bed now - try to get back to you tomorrow.

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