putting a database to disk

  • Hi everyone, long tiem no speak!

    I was just wondering...

    I have an sql database that runs through and intranet site. It is a system of approval and i was wondering is it possible to put the databases on disk and install the whole program from disk i.e

    Press install, it installs program and inserts database........

    Think im barking up the wrong tree and would need to look at programming c++ or something?

    Any comment would be much appreciated:)

  • Re: putting a database to disk

    Hi Steve,

    Not quite sure what you are alluding to here...

    Firstly, what version of SQL ? (i.e. MS SQL 2000, MySQL etc)

    When you say that you want to "install program" & "insert database", do you mean you want to install MS SQL Server and load up your database ?? The installation of SQL Server has to be done from CD generally, & the user will need to have a valid Keycode, as per most $$ software.

    If SQL Server is already present on the server/host machine, then you could load your database from a "disk" - you could write a SQL script to create the database & then use further scripts to populate it with backed up data.

    I guess we really need to know a bit more from you about what you are attempting. As I have just got SQL Server 2000 up & running at home (to go with MySQL 4.1) I'd happily test out some theories for you...

    If SQL itself needs installing, then this will be pretty much impossible to "automate".

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