Open worksheets in an xla for editing

  • Got another problem.

    How do I convert an xla file back to an xls file to edit worksheets or is it possible to open the worksheets in an xla file for editing?


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    Have you tried copying the .xla file - saving it somewhere and then renaming it - ie changing the extension to .xls?

    General advice on .xlas is to save an .xls duplicate, prior to converting the original to an .xla

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    I just did a quick test and this opened the worksheet in xl97:

    Open the xla file
    Open the VBEditor
    Select View>Properties Window
    Select View>Project Explorer
    In Project Explorer, highlight ThisWorkbook
    In Properties - ThisWorkbook change the IsAddin property = False

    I could then edit the worksheet, but I didn't save or test any changes, so you're on your own after that.

    P.S. Just wondering... Since changing the Addin property to True hides the worksheets in a xls file, could this be a solution for those wishing to only display a userform? i.e...

    Displaying userform

    If Not ThisWorkbook.IsAddin = True Then ThisWorkbook.IsAddin = True

    Returning to workbook

    Unload UserForm1
    If Not ThisWorkbook.IsAddin = False Then ThisWorkbook.IsAddin = False

    If I've been helpful, let me know. If I haven't, let me know that too. 

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    An xla wa once an xls as have been pointed out above, some guys save original and convert to xla, some dont, this is my prefered menthod, however if you change the isaddin properties in the VBE Properties then the xla will revert back to xls format ie sheets can be viewed, but this is still not an xls it is only a fully open xla, save will save changes if you save inside the vbe, do not save in excel itself, and do not forget to complie the project / xla before converting back to closed xla in the VBE properties.

    This advice assumes you have access and the xla is not password protected.


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    Thanks for the help guys,
    Copying and renaming dosen't work in Excel 2000. I changed it from an addin in the properties window and it worked fine

    Thanks for the help!!

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