Refresh info picked up from seperate Excel app's.

  • I have one workbook that gets all of it's info from several other ones (completely seperate workbooks - some may be open, some may be in the middle of being updated, and some may be closed).

    Is there anyway to get the workbook with all of the combined info to update as soon as one of the others are saved?

    Also, is there anyway to get rid of the save prompt when the workbook is closed?

    Thanks in advance... :beergrin:


  • If you have used (from the Toolbar) Data, Import External Data to bring the data in you have several options. You can set the area to refresh on open or every so many seconds...but I'm not sure about detecting when the source data is updated.

    As far as the save prompt is concerned are you trying to disable save or have save occur without the need for a prompt?

    Robert Hind
    Perth - Western Australia

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