Time Conversion [SOLVED]

  • Will,

    Since you came up with the last answer so quickly, I hope you don't mind if I trouble you for one more?

    I need a common formula that will convert the following text numbers to time formats:

    1323 converted to 13:23
    642 converted to 06:42

    The problem is that the number being converted, (i.e. 1323, or 643) will be either 4 or 3 digits. So far I have been able to come up with a formula to convert one or the other, but I really need a common formula that, when applied, will convert either of them to the correct time format.

    Again, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • This formula will reformat your text input, leaving it in text format.


  • Thank you both for your input. The solution worked. It was so easy, it could have hit me. The solution was:


    Thank you again!!!

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