Need to rename the column Display in Excel

  • The Excel Columns A, B, C... are to renamed with meaningful Text for ease of reading the data in Excel.
    Is it possible? and how to DO. R1C1 referencing will not work.

    ( I hope it is done in Lotus 1-2-3)

    e.g. Column " A" needs to be renamed as "Name", " B" as "Salary"

    Expecting help
    Thanking in advance.


  • Hi Arun :)

    Sorry they can´t be changed in the way You wish :(

    However, You may use a workaround :)

    Create Your own names for each column in row 1 and the names in column A for the rows.

    Use the command Tools | Options | Tab View and untick the option "Row & Column headers".

    You may also consider to use the Freeze Panes option under "Windows".

    Kind regards,

  • ive tried denis's version and it works fine, however can it be done by just removing the column headers and leaving the numbered rows?

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