picking points [SOLVED]

  • I am trying to have a formula pick the maximum force within a positional range.
    min position of .3 and max of 1.0
    I tried vlookup but my data isn't sorted and I keep getting errors. It seems like an easy enough concept to me, but it is out of my grasp.


  • with the data as in you attached workbook:


    ...returns 279.04. The formula needs to be array entered using control + shift + enter, not just enter. You could also consider using dmax() - check it out in the help file.


  • New issue, I am using modified versions of Paddyd's formula to pick other points.
    I am trying to get the lowest point just before the small dip and the sharp climb to the peaks. I can currently only figure out how to get the low point of the small dip. I figure offsetting up 20rows from the dip would give me the data I need. the small dip in this data set is in B1603. so I would want the to have it come up with b1583


  • If anybody was working on this thank you. I came up with a way to make it work. It may be archaic, but i'm still learning

    this is what I came up with


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