Cannot Hide sheets

  • Hello,

    I have a simple query...

    I am working on a workbook and need to hide some sheets, however if I go to FORMAT - SHEET the 'hide' facility is greyed out. There is no protection on the workbook that I can see and I can hide columns, rows or cells, just not sheets. Why would this be?


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    another possible reason could be that, if you are at work like me, your system administrator can disable the function. (my macro has bee ndisabled by my system administrator for some strange reason!!)


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    Thanks for the response...

    I have found my problem, the Workbook is protected, so although I can make changes to the worksheets data, formula and VB code, I can't hide worksheets.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi

    Well i cain of have the same problem but in my case i have confirmed that the workbook is not protected and i still cant hide the sheet

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    Also, attach an example of the workbook.

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