• I am building a user-friendly spreadsheet.
    In this spreadsheet, the user will type in two values: Tube OD and BWG in their respective cells. Then, other values (wall thickness, ID, flow area and surface per lin ft.) should appear in their respective cells. These values are located in a table on the spreadsheet, but instead of the user having to look the values up manually, I want the values to appear in their respective cells once the user types in a Tube OD and BWG.

    The table is organized in such a fashion that I thought I could use VLOOKUP, but I was running into trouble because it would have to lookup two values. For a given Tube OD there are various BWG values in the table.

    For instance, for a tube OD of 0.75 and a BWG of 12 gives certain values. A tube OD of 0.75 and a BWG of 14 gives certain values. All of this information is in the spreadsheet attached below.

    What function may I use to lookup the inputed Tube OD and BWG from the table and bring back the correct wall thick, ID, flow area, etc. in the respective cells?

    Please Help!

  • I'd suggesting looking at the Workbook downloads area of the OzGrid site. There are some excellent examples that will help you...try MatchingLists.xls and ListMatch.xls

    Robert Hind
    Perth - Western Australia

  • attached is an example. Hope this is want you want.

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