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    I need to make a quotation format in word, but i would like to use some formulas of excel, id like to know if i can instert formulas of excel in word without insterting already made cells in excel as objects in word


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    Thanx for answering

    This is a format i am using, but i would like to use some formulas of excel, such as multiplying to colums and adding at the end, and in the cell i write the total amount in words, i have a formula in excel to do that, id like to know if i can in some way use them in this word format.
    I would also like that that in the comercial conditions, in amount that i shouldnt have to rewrite the aomut, but that it should be automatic.

    I tried inserting 2 excel objects in my document but i cant link them

    Thank you for your help

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    Personally I would do the whole thing in Excel. It is designed to cope with what you are trying to do. There are loads of Invoice/Quotation templates around.

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    If you haven't had an answer on this yet I might be able to help, I have a document running at the moment which adds up the values within certain bookmarks, shouldn't be hard to figure out how to multiply etc. The catch is as far as I know the only way to do it is within VBA which is a bugger in word.
    Give me a reply so I don't waste any time on this and I'll wee what we can come up with.

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