FileSearch ExcXP

  • Hi every one

    This is my first post in the forum.. I hope you can help and I can help you..

    I've a problem with a macro in VB Excel XP.. this code doesn't run correctly:

    Dim i As Integer

    With Application.FileSearch
    .LookIn = "C:\MyDocuments"
    '* represents wildcard characters
    .FileName = "Hor*.xls"
    If .Execute > 0 Then 'Workbook exists
    MsgBox "There is a Workbook."
    Else 'There is NOt a Workbook
    MsgBox "The Workbook does not exist"
    End If
    End With

    I don't know what is happening, because if I execute the same code in Excel 2000 the code can find the file, but in Excel XP the macro can't do it..

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