M$ and internationall issues

  • Sorry guys but for the last couple of days I have had some really bad calls due to the lack of compatibility between english and non-english versions of XL.

    So this is dedicated to MS for their lack of understanding and solutions for international issues.

    This goes from XL 5.0 to XL 2003...

    By now I can fill a whole book, thick like the bible....

    Shame on You MS :flip3:

    Ps. Yes, as usual I have also sent an e-mail to MS in Sweden as well as MS in US Ds

  • Dennis I agree, as you know im struggling with Swedish as you do English – the world speaks English as does Dennis, but M$ seem not to.

    We are very close friends [just about everyone in the world] but M$ seem to know this also, we chat all day most days, swooping ideas and codes.

    Even if we select a sheet in VBA or formula its not going to work the other end???

    I feel M$ need to have simple with relative to all Excelers. There is a language pack what just amends the keyboard

    England alphabet is 26 character set
    Sweden alphabet is 28 I think

    We can use OSK and packs but I still need to type in Swedish as you do English. Little help in translation

    I have said for years M$ should have a bolt on to Office that will literally convert English to ???? [Swedish for Jack] and this will be on a button. And Again Dennis can do the same.

    Its very poor!

    Your buddy Jack in England
    BTW I happen to know Office 2003 is on Beta and does nothing for this. The Beta 2 Pack or 2003 is 15 Discs:

    Offers :
    Front Page
    Info Path
    Windows Server Enterprise
    Outlook Contact Manager Business
    Share Point Services
    One Note
    Portal Services
    Exchange Server
    Language Dsk 1
    Language Dsk 2

    And 3 Demo disks
    That’s 15 Disks and not a program to help me and Swedish ????

    The language packs not sure about, my company is VERY big M$ partner and gets all this, I have only read about it and tried Excel on my Directors PC, as a company we test as I told all M$ betas.

    When I asked about Swedish


    And off I went to make the coffee!

  • It seems that your mood isn't really "XLellent". :)

    To play Devil's Advocate is always fun, but to look at the flip side, Microsloth are an "International" company. In as much as they employ people from many nations to work many job functions. However, they are/were initially an American company. Thus, their primary language is English. Like it or not, everyone chooses a primary language. If Microsoft were founded and based in Sweden, would they have the same stranglehold on corporate software that they have just now if the primary language were Swedish? Probably not. Why? Well it just so happens that one of the most commonly spoken languages is English, not Swedish. If you start up a software company and concentrate on Swedish language software, then your market is going to be Sweden and probably other parts of Scandanavia if I'm not mistaken. If you start up a software company in one of the most affluent nations in the world paired with the fact that your target consumers speak arguably the most common language in the world and coupled with the fact that your software is actually pretty decent, are you going to be successful compared to that same software released in Swedish? Hmm, yup, yes you are.

    Now, presuming that your software is pretty decent and that your primary audience is English speaking. Would you really give a rat's chuff to international issues? Yes, you would, but only after profits had slumped and you really needed a fresh (non-English speaking) market. Until then, you could pretty much get away with making a token gesture towards creating International versions of your software.

    This sounds harsh and it's really not intended to be but the question has to be asked:

    "Does any software house based in any country in the world have a decent solution for International issues?"

    Microsloth is arguably the biggest software company in the world, but does this necessarily mean that they are solely responsible for making perfect, language independent software?

    I do not mean to belittle your predicament as you no doubt wrestle with these issues on a daily basis, whereas I have the luxury of being based in an English speaking country. However, until the day that a non-English based software rises to challenge the beast that is M$, the reality is is that you are going to have to live with what is offered.

    I mean, good God, you can't even call native VBA functions from a spreadsheet as though it's a UDF and you think that they are going to do something fancy like converting to foreign languages efficiently? :lol:

    Remember this though:

    Life shouldn't be taken too seriously.
    The point of business is to make money, not to make people happy.
    Don't apologise for other people's shortcomings.
    I'd love for everyone in the world to be able to use the same software.:yes:

  • Hi JIUK,


    Its very poor!

    Yes, especially when the software comes from the today largest software-company :dead:


    ...When I asked about Swedish

    LOL - I think the only language that have a feature would be...chinese!! :beergrin:

    Hi Denis,


    It seems that your mood isn't really "XLellent".

    LOL - Most of the time and that is what counts - right :cat:

    To the case:
    It´s not an issue specific related to swedish but to all non-english versions of XL.

    French, spanish, german, russian, chinese(?) and other local language XL-versions suffer from the same thing.

    So it´s English <> Non-english version of XL.

    I wonder if not the non-english market have become bigger then the english market :question:

    No, Sweden is a too small market to develop softwares for.

    The international market, english, german, french and spanish, is necessary for making the money.


    "Does any software house based in any country in the world have a decent solution for International issues?"

    In fact, StarOffice/OpenOffice have more decent international solution then M$ Office. But from a more general point of view - no, not when it comes to general softwares.


    ...solely responsible for making perfect, language independent software?

    No, but for the last 10 years they have had the opportunity to solve most of the problems that is known.

    During this period we have become more international then ever and M$, among other software-companies, have been working hard to get us even more "globally" so why haven´t their cashcow no #1 been more "globally"?


    Life shouldn't be taken too seriously.

    Only 5 minutes per day when Your wife would like to have a seriously chatt with You :beergrin:


    The point of business is to make money, not to make people happy.

    Aha! I thought that it was to make money and make everyone else equally unpleased :cat:

  • I will re read this again and add more later, but i have used Chinese Windows and Office i used to work for a Chinese / Honk Kong company in IT Distribution, from Australia

    And it was hard !!!

    Jack in the UK
    BTW :

    As my post clearly indicated Dennis and I are close buddy we have issues and project in the pipeline, which we plan to ad all members here, just the language we are trying to make best we can for all.

    Dennis works on much and sees this difficulty a bit more than Jack

  • Quote

    I wonder if not the non-english market have become bigger then the english market :question:

    The problem is not the English-speaking market, the problem is that people who do not have English as their mother tongue have a damnable tendency to learn English as a second/third/fourth language. Whereas the English-speakers aren't as concerned about learning another language. I blame society myself, but then, I'm too lazy to learn other languages. :D


  • Quote

    Chinese :bouncing:

    Which dialect? :)

    Agreed, but again, they have a system in place for teaching English at a young age. There are no such language requirements on young children in the "big" English speaking nations, USA, UK etc.

    Besides, isn't Linux more popular in China than Windows? As you stated earlier, StarOffice/OpenOffice deals with International issues better than M$. Which makes sense anyway since it was the International Community that helped to develop those softwares. :cul: (take nothing from that smiley, I've just never used it before :) )

  • Hi Denis,


    Which dialect?

    LOL - You really got me with that question

    Anyway, Linux is very popular in the South Asia area mainly because it´s not per se made in USA and it´s free.

    An another advantage is that the code itself is available which means we can all develop our own Linux-system.

    However, if Linux is a real threat against MS then MS should at least try to support the international issues and so on.

    BTW, I recently started a new thread about Linux - Enjoy :beergrin:

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