• In this thread http://ozgrid.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=1783 AJW references the VBS for copying files.

    :info: :) Thanks AJW, you have prompted me to TRY and finish one of my Site pages on this DLL....

    What AJW has really found is the power of the Windows Core DLLs,
    specifically the Shell32.Dll of which one of it's primary responsibilities is
    managing and providing access to the wide variety of objects that make up the system
    eg. Network printers, Other networked computers, Control Panel applications, The Recycle Bin etc.

    The Shell object represents the objects in the Windows Shell.
    You can use the methods exposed by the Shell object to:
    Open, explore, and browse for folders.(See below)
    Minimize, restore, cascade, or tile open windows.
    Launch Control Panel applications.
    Display system dialog boxes (The copy routine)

    This DLL is referenced in AJW's code via this statement;

    Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")

    :exclamat:The code doesn't need to be executed via VBS, VBA or any Scripting language that
    supports COM will do the job. eg Java
    Also the Native VBA code will do it.

    Most of the programming elements in the Shell and common controls are contained in three DLLs;
    and Shlwapi.dll. (Shell light weight API)

    You should be mindful of the Shell version because of ongoing enhancements, different versions
    of these DLLs implement different features.

    Version DLL Distribution Platform
    4.0 All Microsoft® Windows® 95/Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0.
    4.7 All Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x.
    4.71 All Internet Explorer 4.0.
    4.72 All Internet Explorer 4.01 and Windows 98.
    5.0 Shlwapi.dll Internet Explorer 5.
    6.0 Shlwapi.dll Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP.
    5.0 Shell32.dll Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me).
    6.0 Shell32.dll Windows XP.
    5.8 Comctl32.dll Internet Explorer 5.
    5.81 Comctl32.dll Windows 2000 and Windows Me.
    6.0 Comctl32.dll Windows XP.

    I am currently doing a write up on these powerful core DLLs of which the Shell32.Dll is one.

    [One Example here for Now ]


    Here is just a few examples of what you CAN DO, I'll leave the detailed explaination @ my site when finished.

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