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  • I have a bit of an issue that I could do with some help to solve :

    I have a list of serveral Excel files within a directory (80+ files). I need to search all of these Excel files to see if they contain certain values. It would be painstakingly laborious to open each file individually and search.

    I initially looked at using Windows Explorer to do this, but it only works if the values are formated as text. All values will be numerics Eg 12345678 or 87654321. What is the best way for me to attach this ? I assume that I will need to write a macro to open each file within the directory in turn and then to carry out the search. Any files containing the required values will be listed and stored.

    Any ideas to make things simpler greatly appreciated.



  • Re: Search for values

    I know you are expecting a vba code help... but lets try to think out of box for a moment....

    have you used the google desktop utility?

    If you do not intend to do any updates programatically and just open these files.... i think this is best... i tried doing it....

    gave 10000 .xls in the search criteria and it searched about 28 files from my pc...

    I know the VBA way of searching is still pending... will try to put the code tomorrow.. had worked on something like this previously... but its good if this helps you :)

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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