Word Crashes PC!

  • Hello All.

    I have a Word file which is basically a table of three columns, each containing text.

    The problem I have is that I am unable to print this document and whenever I attempt to do so my PC reboots.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks.



  • Hi,

    In case You have 2002 (XP) version of Word available try to open the file in that version. It has a good recovery tool (built in - no need for any commands, just open it).

    If not and if it possible for You (no secret information and so on) please upload it here and we will give it a try :thumbup:

  • Hello Dennis,

    Firstly, many thanks for your response.

    Secondly, I should have pointed out (I'm still learning the ropes) that the document was created in Word XP.

    It has been possible to print the file in its entirety on other printers than the one assigned to the PC where the file was created. It is only on the originating PC that the file reboots the system upon attempting to print.

    It's bewildering!



  • Hi,

    It´s OK with me ;)

    Is it possible for You to upload the file enabling me to try to open it in StarOffice in order to recover it contents?

    BTW, I have accepted since many years back that we should be surprised whenever the computer works as expected :bsmile:

  • Damn and blast!!!

    The file belongs to a friend and it was their PC that it kept crashing. I had it on my PC but deleted it thinking that I'd never need it again. The law of the sod!!!

    I'll get hold of another copy and post it here as soon as I am able.

    Please bear with me, Dennis.

    Thanks again for your time and philosophical words.



  • Hmmmmmmm

    Micro$oft application inexplicably crashes the PC?

    Sounds like there could almost be a Forum for that :o


    uhoh, the doorbell just rang. It was Bill Gates with two of the biggest nerds I've ever seen..................they have baseball bats

  • Hello Folks!

    I've just managed to get my hands on this file again after I deleted it from my PC. This is the original file that kept rebooting the PC on which it was created every time a printing attempt was made. The file prints fine on other PCs, just not on the originating one.

    It's a very simple file containing a piece of college coursework of a friend.


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