MonthView GetDayBoldEvent

  • All~,

    I am having trouble getting the above Event for the Microsoft MonthView Control to work

    I have read the MSDN article below…usingmonthviewcontrol.asp and copied the EXACT code into the sample database attached below and receive the following attached error message when the form loads (or the event is triggered). This message only appears once and no formatting occurs.

    I am trying to build a form with a Calendar control that looks at the dates in a recordset and formats them in the Calendar control in a different format (in this eg - bold).

    I am also trying to avoid using thrid-party Active-X controls due to licensing and instability issues etc and would much prefer to use the packaged Microsoft ones to avoid installing additional controls on user's machines.

    Does anyone know how I can get the Monthview Control to bold particular dates correctly (without showing the error message)...would I be missing a VBA Reference or something?

    (I have also included another MonthView control on the Form to demonstrate the controls properties that show by default (pre-defined name etc)

    Any assistance would be much appreciated



  • Re: SOLVED: MonthView GetDayBoldEvent

    I managed to avoid using this control as I was essentially able to create a form with approx 40 text boxes and looped through the days of the current month, populating the relvant days with particular infomation in a recordset


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