importing data from a webpage based on a name in a cell

  • i am seeking help to do the following. i wish to download historical stock data for a group of stock symbols from a website such as yahoo. i know that i can run a "Get external data>Web query" and using an URL such as…s=qqq&y=0&g=d&ignore=.csv
    ...BUT i want to get each symbol (such as QQQ,IBM etc) from a series of cells in my spreadsheet and as such i need a way of adding its symbol in the appropriate place in the URL before URL is sent. for example if i could create the URL in excel using CONCATENATE and executing the result......suggestions please.

  • Hi.

    I would suggest you download the data using VBA. Just read the symbol in each cell and use the Workbook.Open method to open the data file. I've included a file as an example.



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