linking excel to word

  • I link many of my excel worksheets to Word. If I change the excel sheet columns or rows, the link to word shows the old information only. Is there a way to have this dynamic so when excel changes, word changes. I am thinking I need to use a named range in excel and link it using VBA? Any thoughts?

  • Hi Hutchval,

    You can define a named range and then link it to Word.

    However, when You change columns or rows, i e insert new ones it require that You do it *inside* the defined range so it will expand automatically.

    If this is not possible then we need to do it with VBA.

    Mail back if You need further suggestions/solutions :)

    Kind regards,

  • Hi

    Another question that has many options and methods available.

    One I suggest to consider would be OLE embedding – be sure to over cook the last character from completion of text string and should auto update as you request if linked correctly.

    I feel a read over the on line help files will benefit here – or post back in sure a few of us will be glad to assist again

    Please do not re-post a new feed stay on this same feed

    Many thanks

    Kindest regards

    Jack in the UK

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