Sumif with more than 2 conditions

  • Dear Excel forum,

    Can someone help me in SUMIF with more than 2 condition?
    Know that nested formula can be a solution but how to get about it.
    I have a database with more than 13 named columns and would like
    to make a formula to SUMIF if multiple conditions are met.
    eg: =sumif(Ship,"PRIMA",PortLoad,"NYC",Portdisch,"SIN",Box20ft)
    However sumif is limited to only 1 condition and presently I can get
    only SUMIF(Ship,"PRIMA",Box20ft)
    Would be really grateful if someone could help me.

  • Re: Sumif with more than 2 conditions

    You might want to have a look at SUMPRODUCT, there are plenty of threads on it here.

    But, I would think you would be better looking at the excel database functions like DSUM.


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