Pasted text defaulting to date format

  • Hi,

    I have a list of karaoke CDs in excel that was input by somene else.

    When inputting entires such as 09-09 the cell defaulted to date format so she input it as 09=09. I set the format for that column to text and did a search and replace but it still defaulted to date.

    I tried pasting into word doing search and replace and then pasting back into Excel with the same result.

    If I paste just one cell it's ok but not when I paste the whole column.

    Grateful for any help on this.



  • Re: Pasted text defaulting to date format


    There are (at least) two solutions:
    1. Use the following formula to build out your desired output:
    =MID(C1,1,2)&"-"&MID(C1,4,5) Where the 09=09 is in cell C1.

    2. Find and replace "=" with "" in excel (not word) (without the quotation marks. Then format with custom 00-00

    Both of those work for me.


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