Software for small office and home - Linux?

  • Hi,

    OK, I know that we all love (more or less) XL and perhaps also other MS-products as well.

    Please bear with me;)

    For the first time I bought a commercial version of a Linux-distribution (Mandrake)

    Before that I had downloaded and have done all the work by myself wih configurations and installations.

    I admit that I was quite impressed how easy they have had made the installation-process and the configuration.

    The benefit of it are, from my point of view:

    * Cheap compared with MS-softwares.
    (No need for using illegal/cracked
    versions) - My Pro-version costs only
    US$ 62.

    * Easy installation (especially if You read the documentation for installation).

    * Automatically installation and configuration of network, printers, internet and e-mail (creating e-mailaccounts).

    * Lot of usefull softwares (all freware) included in the distribution for
    - Office
    - Image/Video/Pictures/Sound
    - Network / Firewall.

    One of the real good stuff is that we don´t need to have a software for creating PDF-files. This possibilty is built-in.

    * Lot of HOW-TO articles.

    * Full control of the operatingsystem.

    * Easy to change desktop (KDE/GNome)

    * Support Multi-language per se

    Why have people not yeat discover this option, especially small office and homeusers?

  • Human Nature - It's called the comfort zone.

    Linux is still fairly new to most people and lets face it does the average user know what Open Source means ?

    It may have great techi features that we would drool over but I think most people want to plug it in, turn it on and start playing. Unless computer vendors are going to start offering it as an alternative op sys people wont naturally go there. They are used to their tried and tested windoze. Way too comfortable to change without reason.

    My two cents worth.


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