Lookup? [SOLVED]

  • I am trying to do a lookup function but am at a loss as to if it can be done or not. What I have are prices from 3 different suppliers - ABC - LMN - XYZ - for 3 different part numbers - 123 - 456 - 789 - and in 3 different quantities - 5 pcs. - 10 pcs. - 15 pcs. - what I am trying to do is have the cell do a lookup function picking the lowest price for each part number for each quantity, so if ABC is lower on 5 pcs. but XYZ is lower on 15 pcs. and LMN is lower on 10 pcs. I need to enter ABC's price in the 5 pc price column, XYZ's in the 10 pc and LMN's in the 15 pc. Is this possible using lookup? Thanks in advance!!

  • I have a solution for your lookup problem. I dont know how far it will help you to sort out your problem. May be someone else come with better ideas. I think u can create your workbook in a better way with properly arranged datas and headings for each field so on.... So that it will be easy to solve your problems

    Any way look at the attached workbook. I had changed the formula in each cell according to your criteria.



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