Invisible Links

  • When opening a spreadsheet, it tells me there are links to other files but I can't seem to find them - any way to pinpoint exactly what cell the link is located in?

  • tolver,

    Haven't looked at what John W's addin does but here are a few more tips that may help.

    Links are notoriously tricky to find. They are normally based on a cell link to another file. An easy way to find these links is to do a search for .xls or .xla in your workbook. Edit > Search. You can then either delete the link or replace it with a value.

    Another type of link which is not common knowledge is range names. Even some of the expert linkbreakers miss this one.

    As an example, if I create a new workbook by right mouse click on the page tab > Move or Copy of an existing worksheet it will also bring any and all of the named ranges over with it.

    These named ranges can reference back to the original workbook from which the new workbook was created. The only way to clear them out is to use Insert > Name > Define, then work through the list of the names shown and check where they reference. If they refer to a seperate workbook you can either replace the reference location with the same range in the active workbook or if they are not needed delete them.

    Hope this helps.


  • I have found that I have had worksheet charts which are taking data from other workbooks hidden in random places on my sheet before, hard to find esp as the GOTO function didn't seem to work.

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