find vendor name on customer list

  • I've got 2 sheets of downloaded SAP data.One sheet is a list of customer names and the other list is supplier names.

    One list may have the name as ABC company,Inc and the other may say
    ABC co,and so on.

    Both lists have other,un-needed data.

    What I want to do is find the customers(by name) that are also suppliers( by name).

    I've tried the basic match,lookup,if and Vlookup without much luck.

    Any suggestions.



  • Re: find vendor name on customer list


    A little hard to give a firm answer without seeing a better snapshot of your data, but in short - it is hard to match data if the two data sources dont match. What your are asking is for excel to make a guess as to whether they refer to the same company name or not.

    For a text comparison:

    'abc company, inc' = 'abc co.'

    is just as false as

    'abc company, inc' = 'special fried rice'


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