• I am trying to update a co-worker’s macros in their Excel. I had no problems with any of the others, but this one has me perplexed. I go into Excel, create a macro, I create a button and assign the newly created macro to it. I tell it to save it to the personal macro workbook so that it will be available the next time I open Excel. It creates the file and puts it under XLSTART (where it is suppose to go). My problem is, whenever I open up Excel, it will NOT automatically open the personal.xls file.

    I have tried to bring in the personal.xls file, but when I click on the macro button, it tells me to assign a macro (which I had already done before saving the personal.xls file). I like the use of the personal.xls file because, NORMALLY, it hides it and still opens up a blank file. I have tried unloading Excel and removing any personal.xls files ... then re-loading Excel from scratch. It just seems that something is preventing the personal.xls from automatically loading up in Excel and it doesn’t stay loaded.

    it just has me very frustrated.

  • Are you sure the personal.xls is being stored in the CORRECT XLSTART and not an XLSTART left over from (perhaps) a previous install?

    Have you searched the system for XLSTART to ensure that the personal.xls is, in fact, going to that directory?

    Have you checked to ensure that the XLSTART directory you're using is REALLY the XLSTART directory for your version? Just put any Excel file in there while Excel is closed, then reopen Excel.

    Are you saving the macro to the XLSTART/personal.xls and then closing and then reopening Excel, and does the personal.xls load? Window--Unhide should be available.

    Have you ensured that the user has RIGHTS to write to the XLSTART folder?

    Sorry. I'm sure some of my questions are elementary, but even I (yes, me, LOL) have often overlooked the obvious.

  • Lets see ... when I tried to set up the personal.xls, I created a macro, told it to put it in the personal.xls, closed Excel down, re-opened it up, but the pesonal.xls won't load. That is my problem. It is where it is suppose to be, but won't load. If I create another .xls file and put it under the same XLSTART, the newly created file will load ... but not the personal.xls. I had even removed all of Excel, and then reloaded it from scratch. Still the same thing. The only thing is, I have put the same macros on 6 other machines and this is the only one causing me a problem.

  • So, from what you're saying, you could create another file. Put it in the XLSTART. And it works. So what happens if you rename it to personal.xls then?

    Perhaps you ought to reset Excel's registry setting. That way, if the registry's goofed, it'll recreate it.

    See "Edit the Registry" under:….htm#ExcelTroubleshooting

    Please be careful and follow directions EXACTLY.

    If you have any other specials settings in Excel, resetting the registry may cause them to be lost.

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