Linking? From work sheet to worksheet

  • Well Hi to every one and thanks in advance for the help.

    I am trying to join the information from several work books together while keeping each an individule collection. I have a Main workbook that has many clients names and profiles listed. From that Main I want to be able to click in a cell and have it mean to move to a different workbook (say the medical workbook). I can currently do that however, I would like to go to a specific page in the work book for just that one client. What I currently get is the whole workbook no control over the page.

    This way I could start with a client in the main and go all the way thru seeing all the information for that client or I can start in just the medical file and update each clients care in only that file. It, of course, would then updated from either direction.

    The frustration is caused by not being able to select the individual worksheet to be the result of the jump from the main worksheet cell.

    Thanks MKalsem

  • Hi Mkalsem !

    Even I am also looking for that type of solution, but i am not getting. if you use Hyperlink it is ok, but each sheet we have to write HOME PAGE hyperlink also. if some one delete , he may not able to find a home page.

    I am thinking off a standard level.

    Please tell me if you get a good solution,

    Can anyone give some links for refference.


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