Linking Spreadsheets

  • Hello All,

    I"m a bity of a rookie user of Excel, and i'm trying to see if is possible to do the following:

    I have two spreadsheets, one has every part number and price available to us. The other has all the part numbers we currently have in stock and quantitys, but not pricing.

    I want to be able to have a formula to take one part number from the spreadsheet with my quantities, and have it find the matching number on the priced sheet. Then have it take that price and put it in the sheet without pricing.

    Is this possible?

    THank you in advance

  • Re: Linking Spreadsheets

    You have a workbook called pricelist.xls and one called stock.xls.
    In stock.xls you have column A headed 'Part No.', column B headed 'Quantity', and you add a third column (C) headed 'Price'; this is where the price will appear.

    In the pricelist.xls workbook you have column A headed 'Part No.' and column B headed Price, a;ready populated with prices.

    In workbook stock.xls place something similar to the following formula in cell C2 and copy it down:

    you should first replace the 8 in the formula above to the row number of the last part no. in pricelist.xls. I don't think that pricelist.xls needs to be open.


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