deleting from more than one workbook

  • Hi there everyone
    I use a workbook at work that has catologue numbers and the qty of the stock on hand. We use it as a inventory control workbook. In the workbook, I have an 'order' form with all the same catologue numbers, not necessarily on the same rows on each book. What I want to acheive is this. Delete the catologue number from worksheet 1, example 12345, and in turn it deletes the same catologue number from sheet 2.

    When I make additions, it would be cook if I could type the catologue number on sheet 1, and have it appear also on sheet 2. This would certainly help my situation.

    Any suggestions ?


  • To delete a value in another sheet based on an entry in a sheet would require some VBA coding.

    With a new number "appearing" in one sheet after entering in another sheet may be possible with an array formula.

    Both things are reasonably advanced.


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