Timeline axis on bubble chart

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    Hi melsmiff,

    I had no problem selecting 3 columns of data, X Y Size, and producing a date x axis.
    Is your data formated as dates?

    Can you post an example of your chart and data?

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    Thanks Andy

    I have no problem getting the date on the x axes, my problem is that I need it to recognise this axes as a time-scale one so that I can make the dates to the monthly increments that I want without having to trial and error in the scale boxes. See attached example........

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    Did you know that you can enter dates directly into the Maximum and Minimum scale properties.
    Excel will convert them to numbers automatically.

    I don't think you will get the same interface as you do when if the chart type is column. Even when the axis style is set to date you still get numbers for scale settings.

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