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  • Hi all,

    I have a simple graph which shows graphically the current situation of various projects i.e if complete 1 and if not 0. This is divided by department and project. Therefore the intranet project for example is complete in all dept so I have assigned 1 and the graph shows (Project's at bottom of the graph) that for all depts project is complete.

    Right what i want to do is forecast the situation in a months time. I.e If i know a project will be complete in a month I can assign a value to this and it will show in a different colour (like a stacked graph) so say red equals done,blue equals forecast compete in a month.

    I can send the excel sheet, I expect this is so simple that Ive made it complicated. God help me :)

  • Re: Graph forecasting

    Hi stevehorton09,

    I think this maybe a case of adding extra data series or points in order to make your chart a dynamic conditional chart.

    If you can post an example that would be great.


  • Re: Graph forecasting

    The chart requires a re-layout of your data.
    The original table can be used for inputting values and changing text as the new data layout is linked via formula.

    You can now specify the completed status of a project in terms of percent, not just 0, 0.5 or 1.

    The chart itself is a standard stacked column chart. I have switch to 2d instead of 3d. I think it makes the chart clearer.

    I have also included a horizontal bar version, which you might prefer.

    If you need clarification on anything post back.

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