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  • Hi

    Here is a macro that does this. Just add a sheet to your Workbook (or Personal Macro Workbook) named SheetNames. Then hide it.

  • yikes. Thanks very much. Can I just copy this code into the VBA screen? I need a little more help with this as I usually just record macros, not write the code on my own. I don't know enough about it. Can you give me a few more step by steps on how to get this code into my workbook and how to initiate the macro please. I am really really green ! Thanks so much.


  • Hi excelnewbie

    No problems. Push Alt+F11 then go to Insert>Module and paste the code straight in. Use this new code as it means you do not need to create a sheet named "SheetNames", the code will do it for you.

    Now simply push Alt+Q and then Alt+F8 Select "SortSheets" and click Options and assign a shortcut key. Click Ok twice and save. Now run the macro via the shortcut key.

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