searching for values in different sheets

  • dear friends,
    I am shoked to hear from boss that I have to publish the project on monday.
    i need your help urgently....
    I was working with details of students with their questionire. I have done the scoring of one qestionire and did the sorting according to the total score. That was the task assigned to me. it is working well except that i didnt get a vba code for summation.

    but now the situation changed.
    there are7 different questionaire in which all students should fill questionaire 3. that means every questionaire is attached with Q-3. Now what I did that I totalled the q-3 score and say questionaire 1 score and sorted according to the total. But the problem is that every student can answer any number of questionaire. so if one student answered q-1 and q2 , there will be a repetition of q-3 in each questionaire. so i want to avoid that. if I have done q-3 once and if it will come again, it should add the total of q-3 automatically without asking the same inputbox stuff that used in q-3.
    i can identify the questions of questionire 3 only with its heading , like 'question 10'.

    how can i do that.

    i am attaching a sheet of the sample.
    i have done scoring with macors and vba.
    my doubt is : if i did the scoring of questionaire 1 , i will do the scoring of q-3. then if i am doing the scoring of questionare 2, it should check the student is done the questionare 1 and if so, the scoring of q-3 should do automatically.

    can i get a result at the earliest.

    thanks a lot

  • Re: searching for values in different sheets

    dear friends,
    I am working with my sheets and i tried to findout the occurance of id in different sheet with the code as given below. is that ok.

    what i did, i copied the id and total to a new sheet after scoring and totalling the first questionaire. and while scoring the second sheet i will check the occurance of the id with the code below.

    but the problem is : i have done my total using a fuction in that sheet, and when i tried to copy it in to a new sheet it is not coming. what should i do for that,
    I tried to make it as a global function , but its not working.

    help me please.



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