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    You quoted : you can insert another column with the formula in your CD entered into such that it will return either TRUE or FALSE and you can sort on this column.

    Dear Pradeep

    I have formatted the cells to fill yellow if the cell contains the word "System".

    What function I should use now to get the result "True" if the cell contains the word "system" and "false", otherwise.

    Sorry if I trouble you tooooo much.

    warm regards

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    Cell ref:
    A1: value(containing the word "System" etc.,)
    B1: Inserted Column if already blank cells are not there. In B1 type the same formula which you used in the Conditional formating.(Ex: =NOT(ISERROR(FIND("System",A1))) etc.,)
    C1: = CCI(A1,B1)

    C1 will give you the color index. However you can sort the data based on Column B which has either TRUE or FALSE.


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