• Re: VBA/Excel

    Hi Karnali,

    Welcome to Ozgrid Forum!

    May I request you use code tags.

    It's very easy..try this:

    Beginning of the code: ['vba'].....your vb code(subroutine)
    ...............end with [/'vba'].

    Don't use the single quote for vba(I typed it just to show you)...just type vba.

    Using of code tags helps one read your code easily and can easily be tested.


  • Re: VBA/Excel

    I have added Code Tags, please have a look how they are used and use them in future posts. Thanks.

    As for printing your results, try saving the information to a template sheet, and printing from there.

  • Re: VBA/Excel

    and a better subject heading will help achieve a quicker response... VBA / EXCEL is too broad .....every single posting in this forum should be about VBA / EXCEL!!!

    Robert Hind
    Perth - Western Australia

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