Dispaly Sum if a cell is filled in

  • I have a quick question which i hope someone can answer?

    On a sheet I have it works out peoples ages based on todays date and their DOB, I only want their age to be displayed when I have entered their DOB,

    I use the following formula to work out the difference in days,


    F6 is thier DOB and A6 is todays dates, Once I have the number of days I then divide it by 30 and then by 12 to give me their age, and then poulate that into a cell, Currently everyones age is 105 until I enter their DOB. How can I stop this and only display their age when i have entered their DOB?

    Any suggestion would be great!

    Thanks Jon

  • Re: Dispaly Sum if a cell is filled in

    Hi Jon,
    You can put an IF formula in to say if that b-day cell is blank then put in nothing, but otherwise do your calculation. Let me know if this doesn't work or wasn't what you wanted to do, but seemed to be working for me!


  • Re: Dispaly Sum if a cell is filled in

    Try the following...


    Hope this helps!

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