My Controls

  • Hi All,

    Nothin way special just a little addin that I developed a while back, use a lot and find very handy.

    Thought some others may find it usefull for quickly changing the appearance of the Excel environment and moving around.

    The addin needs to be placed here:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Library\My Controls.xla

    And activated in the usual way:

    Tools > Addins. Then hit the browse button to find "My Controls.xla"

    Loading the Addin will bring up a new toolbar with descriptions of what each Icon does when you hover over it. It will also expand your right mouse click menu to include a number of usefull toggle tools for workbook appearance.




    Had a number of people asking how to download this addin so I figured the best place to respond would be in the post itself.

    The easiest way I know is to right mouse click on the file and SaveAs from the options listed.


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