Saving a chart as a wmf

  • I was wondering as I am creating 100 excel sheets, (in 4 woorkbooks) with data and a chart (using a macro) is there anyway of saving the charts as a wmf file so I can use them in quarkexpress?

    I am aware that one can save them to a cliboard but not sure if this helps in creating a wmf file.

    any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Hi Giorgio,

    The chart object does have an Export method.
    The type of image files exportable are dependent on the image filters you have on your pc.

    ActiveChart.Export "C:\temp\x.wmf", "WMF"

    Also try the excel help, search for,
    Graphics file types Excel can use


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    Set chtActive = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1).Chart
    chtActive.Export "c:/test/" & strSheetName & ".wmf", "wmf"

    I've declared the chart as chtActive and I'm trying to call the wmf a name that I've saved as strSheetName but i get an error

    Run time error 1004.

    Method 'Export' of object'_chart' failed

    any ideas why?

    thanks for your comments so far.

  • Re: Saving a chart as a wmf

    You need to use your original Office disks and run setup to install filters.

    Not sure whether Control Panel / Add+Remove programs might be another way to get the Office setup wizard going.


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    Bets way is from teh Microsoft Original Office Disk[s] others way can work but messy - proper is always best - these additions can be made, as Jack always says when installing Office full install is always best unless like Jack you never use PowerPoint in such cases remove it from the install section from the office 2000 [same for all above versions] install dialog.

    Note – always choose run from PC no other way.


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