Hierarchical Listbox

  • Hi All,

    The hierarchical listbox is an class object that allows you to turn a normal userform listbox into a treeview style listbox; with fully working node collapsing and expansion.

    I have created this example with a set of options so you can experiment with the appreance of the node connecting lines and the open/closed status; fixed and proportional fonts.

    The example has 25 items stored in varying structures to demonstrate the flexibility.

    Hopefully you will find this useful as well as interesting.

    Feedback is welcomed.

    This example will only work in xl2000 or higher because I have used RaiseEvent.

    I have written a xl97 version that uses module calls instead, which could be posted later.




  • Re: Hierarchical Listbox


    This post came up as part of my search regarding TreeView controls. I am interested in seeing the post and the example however there is no attachment with the post?

    Has the attachment been 'archived'? Will I find it somewhere else on the forum?



  • Re: Hierarchical Listbox

    Some attachments were "lost" when we transferred the board from XMB to Vbulletin. This may be one of them.

    Maybe you'd like to PM Andy & ask if he still has it & could re-attach it to the post. :)

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